My 4,420 Week Program!


Shit, after reading that title I am going to be pushing shit up hill selling this one to the masses.

The statistics tell us that the modern 8/12 week junk programs have a whopping 99% long-term failure rate! Why this is so surprising to everyone stuns the fuck out of me? The mere notion of something having an end date is ultimately going to fail!

These fitness thieves that are stealing people’s money and hopes pushing short-term garbage shits me to tears. I can see why people get sucked in though, the promise of a life change in just 2 months is enticing for anyone, let alone someone who has self-esteem and motivation issues.

Sure, going from basically nothing, to doing something for a few weeks will reap some sort of result, the problem is the accompanying “food plans” are usually generic as fuck, highly restrictive, and honestly as boring as the personality selling it. Of course, post program this cannot be maintained, and you will slip straight back into the previous bad habits. No matter how disciplined or bad ass you think you are, no one can live such a suffocating existence without cracking at some point!

Enter my ground breaking 4,420 week program. It’s only 85 years of doing something everyday, FUCK ALL TO IT! Health, fitness, and wellness should never have an “end date” approach. It takes an effort EVERY SINGLE DAY of your life to gain or maintain health. I know right, how fucking boring and un-sexy is that shit!

However, don’t mistake this for not having short-term goals. Saying you will get to where you want to be in 85 years is fucking depressing and unappealing as shit! Have short-term goals, once you hit it set a new one and keep rolling. It is a case of continuously moving the goal posts, our brain is better designed to focus on, and want the short-term reward. Then, eventually you look back after years of chasing short term goals and surprise surprise they have manifested into long-term success!

Is it going to be a roller-coaster ride of up’s, downs and loopy loops? Abso-fucking-lutley! Anyone who says they are going to stay staunch and not veer off the path is a complete and utter fucking liar! The key is to limit the amount of time you are off track to avoid any real “damage”. I have a rule that 3 days is the maximum I go without doing anything, no matter how I feel on that 4th day I have to do something otherwise I just keep delaying and delaying, and those 3 days quickly turn into 3 weeks!

CrossFit has exploded on a global scale in recent times and I believe that has a lot to do with its daily approach to training. The daily workout has its participants moving a hell of a lot more than other training systems, but I think the secret sauce for them is the “community” they foster, it holds people accountable to others! The barrage of text messages an individual is sent from fellow CrossFitters for skipping a class ensures you don’t do it too often.

Results are merely a manifestation of consistency, so show up day in and day out for the next 40, 50, 60, 70 plus years and tell me you didn’t get results!

Ash Yates