Why Most Science Is Dog Shit!


Ouch! I can hear the “white coats” screaming at me and smashing their bunson burners all over the lab in disgust.

It seems that every time I scroll through a social media feed lately there is a new “ground breaking” study that proves that what we previously thought was all a damn lie! The problem is we have been conditioned over time to accept the word of any dickhead in a white lab coat! What is not very well-known or, talked about, is where these cheese dicks get their funding to conduct such studies.

When you are the CEO of a multi billion dollar company that is witnessing a decline in sales, what better way to improve public perception of your horse shit product than to fund a study that WILL show the product actually contains traces of magical compounds from the surface of mars that will allow you to live until you are 208 years of age! But don’t fear, lucky the esteemed science world have “Morales” and agree to “prove” the study in favor of industry if they are allowed to then receive more funding in the future to conduct actual “science” studies that will improve humans!

Don’t even get me started on the roll Government play in ensuring “junk” science is produced and circulated to improve political standing. I am not stupid, and understand that these labs need funding to operate, and yes, there have been some great discoveries from our white coat friends, unfortunately, the amount of “breakthroughs” pales in comparison compared to the latest study that indicates it may be beneficial for expecting mothers to consume alcohol during pregnancy! Come on man, really?

Anyway, my point is common sense far outweighs the findings of most cutting edge research. I don’t give a fuck how many studies tell me being addicted to heroin is good for me, if my gut tells me its rubbish that is good enough for me to ignore the shit out of it. It would be a very wise approach to take “most” science with a grain of salt, they seem to have a knack for complicating the absolute shit out of the most simplistic subject matter, but I guess at the end of the day if people don’t understand it they just accept what is being said by the “guru” right?

My advice would be to laugh at most of it, and ignore the rest, let’s be honest, the human race has survived and adapted fairly well over the journey! Sure, life expectancy over time has certainly increased, however our living conditions have also been improved dramatically! I can sit in a climate controlled dwelling with immediate access to food and water, and not live in fear that a T-Rex will smash through the window and devour me!

That’s my take on the current state of affairs for what it is worth? Of course if you want to chase your tail for the next decade feel free listen to the studies, if you would prefer to actually make progress employ common sense on a daily basis.

Ash Yates


Motivation – You Are Going To Die!


YES, that is all the motivation any human being should ever need to propel them towards what it is they want to achieve. We all know no one makes it out alive, but what we can control is the quality of life we get to experience while still above ground.

Unfortunately, we have created such a rainbows and unicorns society that no one can take advice or criticism without feeling like it is a personal attack. This in turn has also created a “victim” mentality, where no one wants to be accountable for their own actions. Blaming others for your shit state of health is a cop-out at best, and unless you have been tied down and force feed for years the buck ultimately stops with you.

Yes I know, those evil fast food outlets are everywhere, they are convenient, cheap and taste sooo good right? But they are not kicking your door down 3 times a day and shoveling their product down your throat at gun point!

I have absolutely no problem (when asked) telling people they are overweight. As far as I am concerned, by not saying it, I am facilitating their distorted take on reality. A big dose of reality is exactly what is needed to ignite that fire to take action. Every day you delay the start point, the harder it will become.

As with any change, it is a process and will take time. The secret lies in learning to enjoy the day-to-day journey, and not become fixated on the result.

“I lack motivation” is what the lazy use to justify their laziness. YOU LACK BASIC DISCIPLINE! You are essentially saying to yourself, “I’m sorry body, but I disrespect you so much that I want you to suffer through an agonizing existence”.

If you think you lack motivation, I strongly suggest you pay a visit to those lying in a hospital bed right now who also “lacked motivation” and are now full of regret that they allowed disease and illness to ravage their body because they simply couldn’t be fucked.

You are going to hurt either way, you either have the pain of discipline, or the pain of regret! Now, it is up to you which you choose, but know this, you, and only you, have the power to decide which pain it is you endure. Choose wisely.

I am lucky enough to draw on my unique life experience where it was always a case of you just ‘shut the fuck up and get shit done’ type of environment. Regardless of what situation you find yourself in, mindset can be changed over time with repeated bouts of ACTION!

Doing, will ALWAYS trump thinking about it! So that day you can’t be fucked is the EXACT day you should eat cleaner then ever and haul your ass to the gym! Because each little win like that sets a precedent and lays the foundation for positive action taking in the future.

It has been said in the past that I lack compassion; this is not the case at all (well maybe a little). I lack patience and empathy for those that are not willing to help themselves. You must be able to display a willingness to hold up your side of the bargain before expecting anyone to give up their time and energy to help you.

Start forming habit’s TODAY that will aid in improving and, ultimately extending your life! Only you can do the work required to make the change you desire. So get off your ass and make that start right now!

Ash Yates