Chasing Health In 2018!


I am of the belief that the CDC (center for disease control) lists in the vicinity of 13,000 different human diseases.

After some recent study and research I am convinced there is only ONE human disease, that can exhibit 13,000 different symptoms. At its very core all human illness and disease starts with malfunctioning cells. All of us have malfunctioning cells, but our immune systems are strong enough to kill them before they can proliferate to a point that cause a problem. Conditions like cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and the common cold all originate from malfunctioning cells that have been afforded an environment to grow and spread.

The beauty of breaking it down and understanding the “root cause” is we can then move forward focusing all of our efforts on rectifying it instead of just masking the symptoms.

Now, there are only two causes of a malfunctioning cell, and they are TOXICITY and DEFICIENCY. 

When humans are looking to improve their health parameters the first thing they do is dive head first into grueling gym regimes. Of course, we all know how this game plays out, we get injured and/or sick (malfunctioning sick cells), and then give up after just a few short weeks blaming exercise as the culprit for our ultimate demise.

With quotes like “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food” and “All disease starts in the gut” the father of modern medicine, Hippocrates, knew all to well the power quality nutrition plays in achieving optimal health in a human body.

So where the fuck did it all go so horribly wrong? Our pursuit and insatiable appetite for mass production has ensured that basic farming techniques are no longer adhered too. Things like overuse of pesticides, herbicides, and soil depleting fertilizers have destroyed the nutrient composition of the soil. Throw into that equation the seeds themselves have been genetically modified and you can see that we have absolutely NO chance of growing nutrient dense crops! Because of the mass distribution networks, things like fruit are being harvested long before they have ripened, this in itself is a huge problem as the bulk of the nutrients are naturally formed in the final stages the ripening process. They then sit in storage for long periods (losing more of the little nutrients they have) before being artificially ripened to appeal to the consumer. End result is a nutrient inferior fruit!

Meat and dairy is just another fucking basket case altogether. With a combination of caging the animals, feeding them toxic garbage, pumping them full of hormones to grow bigger quicker, and antibiotics to keep them alive, the end result at the supermarket is a low-grade cut of meat that is crammed full of toxins and severely nutrient deficient. If you are not purchasing certified grass-fed, hormone free, antibiotic free meat you are bat shit crazy!

As for milk, well, unless you are a fucking baby cow I don’t see the need for you to be touching the stuff! Humans are designed to be reared on human breast milk, plain and fucking simple! After that point there is no need for a human being to require a milk product again for their entire lifespan.

So how do we turn this all around and head down the path of disease free optimal health? First we need to eliminate the toxins we are ingesting and being exposed to environmentally, then we need to go about restoring our cells with the nutrients they have been denied for far too long. My recommendation to get you on the right track would be to seek out a holistic practitioner that recognizes the practice of Nutrient therapy, or, if you have the time and motivation, educating yourself through reading is never a bad idea.

I am still optimistic that we have not yet hit the point of no return, but we must move quick to change the status quo before human health is fucked forever!

Ash Yates


Stop The Diet Madness!


The mere mention of the word “diet” sends me into a state of cold sweats and dizzy spells!

I don’t think there is a book, journal, white paper or YouTube clip out there that I haven’t read or seen regarding the latest nutrition hack.  Besides that, I try to implement their key components for a period of time to validate their claims.

My finely tuned bullshit radar usually picks up on the Authors or Influence’s angle pretty quick, it often presents itself in the form of some sort of radical claim that this or that will have you looking like a Victoria’s secret supermodel, or, WWE muscle-bound freak in no time.

98% of what I have come across is nothing more than very well constructed marketing and PR campaigns that judge the success of their work on sales, not consumers results! If I were that way inclined, I’m sure it wouldn’t be hard to pay off someone “credible” (I use that term super loosely) to endorse my cutting edge diet that involves collecting your neighbors dog shit , drying it for 7 days, crushing it into a fine powder than shoving it up your ass – and turning that into the buzz diet of 2018!

In a world where we demand everything to be backed by science or celebrities, we have lost the most important factor of all, COMMON FUCKING SENSE. Like, does it seem like a good idea for your health to eat 3 servings of pizza/day washed done with a six-pack of beer? Of course not (although maybe one day might be fun)! Does it sound like a better option to include fresh fruits, vegetables and lean protein sources with each meal? mmmm maybe?

Simplifying the shit out of it is going to get way closer to where you want to be rather than scouring science journals (leave that to me) looking for that one molecule that will change your DNA to replicate Brad Pitt’s or Julia Roberts (showing my age there).

Yeah yeah, I know that not all food’s react equally with everyone. So that is where trial and error comes into the picture, you test and adjust according to how you feel after eating certain foods. We no longer have to play Russian roulette on random berries or random shit on the ground like our early friends living in caves had too. So if you don’t have any allergies try different shit.

For me personally, I have played around for years trialing different foods and approaches, and I have found that the Vegetarian way of life offers my body and lifestyle the best results. Does that mean everyone should be a vegetarian? FUCK NO! My physiology and digestive track just seems to thrive on that, I have seen very fit and healthy dudes eat half a fucking cow per day and are absolute machines with perfect blood work and health markers.

Bloating, sluggishness and excess gas can all be signs that what you just ate probably isn’t perfect for you. Don’t be afraid to play around with different foods and methodologies, because trust me, as a meat eater my whole life, the last thing I saw coming was me converting to vegetarianism! But, I was willing to go through experimentation and elimination to find what my body enjoyed and thrived on. Make no mistake though, were I to find at some point this no longer affords me the resluts I am looking for I will go back to meat in an instant. Don’t ever just keep eating a certain way because your family or friends do if it is not allowing you to function at your highest capacity.

The diet zelots out there will push their agenda on you to make themselves feel better about the way they eat (most humans are insecure as fuck). I couldn’t give two fucks if you follow the paleo diet, Atkins diet, Vegan, Vegetarian, Keto or any other shit you can think of, if it works for you then awesome, doesn’t mean it will work for everyone! So play around with a few to see what fits for you.

There are some generic rules that apply to ALL humans and should become daily staples;

  • Consuming adequte amounts of water every day (hydrate or die).
  • Eating whole foods (if it has a food label it aint real food).
  • Not over consuming at meals (case of too much of a good thing).

No matter the “diet” you choose to abide by, you cant go wrong if you keep these basics in mind!

Ash Yates

My Gut Health Nearly Ruined Me!


Sitting around feeling lower than whale shit for no apparent reason plagued the fuck out of me for a good four to five years.

Rewind it a few years prior to that and you start to understand why I was on the verge of complete and utter insanity. For the most part of my late teens – early twenties I was upbeat, positive and full of beans. Then, completely out of the blue and for no apparent reason (at the time) I went to bed one night perfectly fine and woke up the following morning feeling like I wanted to throw myself off a fucking ten story building? What in the fuck had happened?

Being a young soldier at the time I certainly didn’t want to discuss my sudden, unexplained onset of doom and gloom with my mates. So, I did what every good soldier does and tried to bury it with copious amounts of booze. Obviously this wasn’t the answer, and my symptoms and mental state gradually got worse. At this point I sought advice from a doctor that recommended I jump straight on anti-depressants to help me bounce back. I was hesitant as fuck to try them, but due to his very confident guarantee that they would work I figured why the fuck not? Well fuck me, within a week I had slid deeper into a hole so I stopped taking them.

For the next couple of years I “soldiered on” trying to keep a positive exterior while I was struggling like a mother fucker on the inside. At the time the other huge symptom apart from the mental struggle was a constant aggravated and upset stomach. I had written this off as a result of battling the mental bullshit I was dealing with. It wasn’t until I was out of the army and working in a third world country where I contracted a stomach parasite that ended up bringing back the familiar feelings with a vengeance that I thought the gut may be playing a major role in all of this?

Being a nosy little bastard, and wanting to know the in’s and outs of everything, I started to delve into the literature on the Gut-Brain connection. You have no idea how fucking happy I was when I finally started to put all the pieces of the puzzle together. It turns out that your mental state has hell of A LOT to do with the health of your gut and immune system – I wasn’t going fucking crazy!

Some of the things that can contribute to a poor state of gut health leading to a condition known as ‘Leaky Gut Syndrome’ are;

  • Antibiotics (whilst deployed in the Army we were required to take a strong antibiotic DAILY for FOUR fucking months as an anti malarial measure)
  • Excessive alcohol consumption (say no more)
  • Processed/Fried foods (we lived on pizzas and other junk food)
  • Intestinal Parasites (no shit!)

I think it is safe to say that list pretty much sealed the deal for me!

Let’s keep in mind the fact that I had seen about four different doctors over the years trying to find answers, and not one of them had ever even mentioned the term leaky gut, let alone associated it with any of my symptoms?

Happy as fuck with my self diagnosis, I set about accumulating the knowledge I needed to rectify the state of my dog shit gut health and suppressed immune system. Firstly, I stopped all consumption of alcohol and soft drinks (soda), cut right back on simple carbs like bread, pasta, and all deep fried shit.

The following list is what I started taking on a daily basis;

  • High strength probiotics
  • Colostrum
  • St Johns Wort
  • Vitamin B complex
  • Vitamin C
  • Omega 3 fish oil

After about two months on this little cocktail as well as eating foods I knew would help the healing process I am happy to say that ALL of my symptoms pretty much disappeared and have not returned since (touch wood). I’m not sure if that means I am in the clear for good or not? But I will tell you right now I am very aware of making sure the state of my gut and immune system are high on my priorities!

I would like to emphasis the fact that I am NOT a Naturopath or Herbalist. I put this list together purely as a result of my own research. This was not a recommendation in any way, shape or form a professional. So please, if you feel you may have an issue similar to this seek the opinion and advice of a registered/Qualified professional.


Ash Yates


To Sleep, Or Not To Sleep?


Living in the fast paced, constantly “plugged in” world we live in today, sleep quality and quantity seem to be the crucial human elements that have suffered the most!

Hearing wankers quote shit like “I will sleep when I’m dead” or “I haven’t got time to sleep”, is a clear indication to me that they have no comprehension what so ever of the power that some solid rack time elicits on the human body.

Those of you that are parents know all too well what a string of broken nights sleep does to your mental and physical state! Not getting sufficient amounts of deep Z’s throws many of the bodies systems into absolute mayhem! For it is during this “down time” that the body allocates resources and time to conduct vital cellular maintenance and repair.

Of course it is no fucking surprise then that there is a very close relationship between poor sleep patterns and issues such as body fat accumulation. Sure, there are other factors that can certainly contribute to the problem, but as I always tell people there are usually multiple elements to a problem, so addressing just one won’t fix it, but when you start to change a few things it can feel like you have a new lease on life.

For me personally, just one fucked night in the cot can have me completely fucked for a few days! In years gone by I would make the mistake of using synthetic sleeping tablets to try to rectify the problem, the issue with that is they create somewhat of a “false” sleep environment, where you may not be awake, but you certainly are not at rest like the body requires to get to work. They also have some bullshit side effects like feeling like utter dog shit the next day with hangover type symptoms.

I would strongly urge you to avoid any of the synthetic prescription drugs as much as possible, as an alternative I have found that a compound called melatonin has worked great for me when my body is still in another time zone and all fucked up from long haul international travel. It is naturally occurring in humans anyway, so it is not treated as a foreign substance by the body, which means little to no side effects. The bonus to this little bad boy is that it also posses very strong antioxidant capabilities meaning it helps fight free radical damage in the cells, nice little plus! The downside is it still requires a script in Australia and can be a little more expensive (about $80 for 100 capsules) than the other junk synthetic crap. FYI I use 3mg compounded capsules, stick to your guns when asking the Dr as I have no doubt they will try to push shit on you that see’s them get a nice little kick back from the fuck bag pharmaceutical companies.

To give my system the best opportunity to wind down from the days activities I also implement where possible a few other things;

  • Limit all blue light exposure at least 1hr before bed. This includes devices like mobile phone, Ipad and television.
  • Get the room as dark as I possibly can, I have been known to hang blankets over windows where there maybe a slight gap haha.
  • I once read that some geek in a lab had discovered the ideal room temperature for sleeping humans was 22 degrees celsius. I personally find a little cooler works better for me, but play around with it and find your sweet spot.
  • Because of my pea bladder I cease all fluid intake a couple of hours prior so I am not woken during the night busting for a piss.
  • Try and allow 3 hours between eating and bed time. By forcing the body into digestion mode while you sleep it is taking away from other more important aspects of the daily healing duties.

In the case of little humans interrupting your pleasant dreams, just keep it in the back of your mind that when they are lazy ass teenagers sleeping in everyday you get to repay the favor by waking them up each morning with a fucking air horn, CANNOT WAIT!

I guess the moral to this post is don’t ever underestimate, or take for granted the impact sleep has on your general health and well-being!

These are a few things that have worked for me over the years, if you have some kick ass things that have worked for you don’t be shy to post to comments so we can all benefit from it.

Ash Yates