Guys – Ditch The Midlife “Mud” Guts!


This subject is by far my greatest passion when it comes to wanting to help people. There are more than enough scantily clad female intsa models selling “booty building” programs to women, but there are very few that have an interest in helping solve the biggest problem we see, and that is unhealthy and severely out of shape middle-aged men.

For a start, the statistics in Australia for males is an absolute fucking disgrace! They say that over 70% (80% for 45 year olds and over) are overweight or obese! When I walk around the shops, or go anywhere there is a large gathering, I’m actually surprised that number isn’t higher, because it seems that everywhere I look there are fat slobs all over the place.

That’s right, I called them “fat slobs”! The time for political correctness has well and truly passed. We need to get real and call it what it is, people are fucking dying prematurely from illness and disease that stem from being overweight! Being fat is officially the exact reason cardio vascular disease now sits at the top as the number one cause of death in Australia! Make no mistake, I consider this to be a form of suicide. Killing yourself slowly over the course of decades through dog shit dietary choices and non-existent exercise needs to fucking stop, and needs to stop now!

Being sick and fat is no badge of honor and needs to stop being treated as such. All I see is lazy, Ill disciplined wreaks that hide behind excuse after excuse as to why they look and feel like utter rubbish! Sitting around feeling sorry for yourself is going to do jack shit, so if you really want to do something about the situation you have created then listen up because these simple as fuck tips might just be the kick-start needed to pull your head in;

  1. DRINK FUCKING WATER I bet my left fucking nut that you are not drinking anywhere near enough water on a daily basis to come even close to being hydrated! Considering water makes up 83% of your blood, 75% of your muscles and 75% of your brain I would think it should be of the highest priority DAILY to ensure you drink a fuck load of water. Notice I said water! Not fucking soda, not beer, not iced coffee, FUCKING WATER!
  2. EAT MORE FIBER – The mere fact that you are lugging around more than ideal body fat would suggest that you are not exactly snacking on fruit and green salads? For starters, it will satiate you longer which will help divert you from those calorie dense refined alternatives. How many people do you know that sit there and eat 2 apples back to back compared to 2 donuts back to back? One medium-sized apple packs about 80-90 calories, while your filthy donuts are easily 200 plus EACH. You don’t need to be a fucking professor of mathematics to work out what the better option is!
  3.  GET MOVING – I’m not suggesting jumping out of bed and running a fucking marathon tomorrow, but a simple 20-30min brisk walk is certainly a way better option then laying there hitting the snooze button 8 fucking times! For those poor fuckers that are enslaved to a desk all day this is super important. That sore knee and sore back you use as the excuse not to move are the direct result of NOT moving enough! I fucking hate telling people to track their steps because it sounds fucking ridiculous, but, if you sit in an office all day aiming to achieve a bare minimum of 10,000 steps per day is a good place to start? At least there is something there to hold you accountable.

I can’t emphasize how basic this shit is, it’s crap that we learn in primary school physical education for fuck sake, yet it is mind-blowing the amount of people who can’t even muster up the discipline to incorporate this shit into their daily routine! I know we have fostered an environment where its hip and cool to love unicorns and accept everybody just the way they are, but that soft shit is not saving lives, it is only enabling the weak to go on suffering a miserable existence!

I’m here to help people, not make fucking friends. I like my own company so you are shit out of luck! Hate my guts for all I give a shit, just do what the fuck I am telling you to improve your situation!

So, my challenge to you if you fit this profile is to knuckle down on those 3 simple tips for the next 4 weeks starting TODAY not fucking tomorrow and start cementing some better habits in your life!

“The difference between fat and lean is choice, so start making better fucking choices”

~ Ash Yates