Chasing Health In 2018!


I am of the belief that the CDC (center for disease control) lists in the vicinity of 13,000 different human diseases.

After some recent study and research I am convinced there is only ONE human disease, that can exhibit 13,000 different symptoms. At its very core all human illness and disease starts with malfunctioning cells. All of us have malfunctioning cells, but our immune systems are strong enough to kill them before they can proliferate to a point that cause a problem. Conditions like cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and the common cold all originate from malfunctioning cells that have been afforded an environment to grow and spread.

The beauty of breaking it down and understanding the “root cause” is we can then move forward focusing all of our efforts on rectifying it instead of just masking the symptoms.

Now, there are only two causes of a malfunctioning cell, and they are TOXICITY and DEFICIENCY. 

When humans are looking to improve their health parameters the first thing they do is dive head first into grueling gym regimes. Of course, we all know how this game plays out, we get injured and/or sick (malfunctioning sick cells), and then give up after just a few short weeks blaming exercise as the culprit for our ultimate demise.

With quotes like “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food” and “All disease starts in the gut” the father of modern medicine, Hippocrates, knew all to well the power quality nutrition plays in achieving optimal health in a human body.

So where the fuck did it all go so horribly wrong? Our pursuit and insatiable appetite for mass production has ensured that basic farming techniques are no longer adhered too. Things like overuse of pesticides, herbicides, and soil depleting fertilizers have destroyed the nutrient composition of the soil. Throw into that equation the seeds themselves have been genetically modified and you can see that we have absolutely NO chance of growing nutrient dense crops! Because of the mass distribution networks, things like fruit are being harvested long before they have ripened, this in itself is a huge problem as the bulk of the nutrients are naturally formed in the final stages the ripening process. They then sit in storage for long periods (losing more of the little nutrients they have) before being artificially ripened to appeal to the consumer. End result is a nutrient inferior fruit!

Meat and dairy is just another fucking basket case altogether. With a combination of caging the animals, feeding them toxic garbage, pumping them full of hormones to grow bigger quicker, and antibiotics to keep them alive, the end result at the supermarket is a low-grade cut of meat that is crammed full of toxins and severely nutrient deficient. If you are not purchasing certified grass-fed, hormone free, antibiotic free meat you are bat shit crazy!

As for milk, well, unless you are a fucking baby cow I don’t see the need for you to be touching the stuff! Humans are designed to be reared on human breast milk, plain and fucking simple! After that point there is no need for a human being to require a milk product again for their entire lifespan.

So how do we turn this all around and head down the path of disease free optimal health? First we need to eliminate the toxins we are ingesting and being exposed to environmentally, then we need to go about restoring our cells with the nutrients they have been denied for far too long. My recommendation to get you on the right track would be to seek out a holistic practitioner that recognizes the practice of Nutrient therapy, or, if you have the time and motivation, educating yourself through reading is never a bad idea.

I am still optimistic that we have not yet hit the point of no return, but we must move quick to change the status quo before human health is fucked forever!

Ash Yates


Guys – Ditch The Midlife “Mud” Guts!


This subject is by far my greatest passion when it comes to wanting to help people. There are more than enough scantily clad female intsa models selling “booty building” programs to women, but there are very few that have an interest in helping solve the biggest problem we see, and that is unhealthy and severely out of shape middle-aged men.

For a start, the statistics in Australia for males is an absolute fucking disgrace! They say that over 70% (80% for 45 year olds and over) are overweight or obese! When I walk around the shops, or go anywhere there is a large gathering, I’m actually surprised that number isn’t higher, because it seems that everywhere I look there are fat slobs all over the place.

That’s right, I called them “fat slobs”! The time for political correctness has well and truly passed. We need to get real and call it what it is, people are fucking dying prematurely from illness and disease that stem from being overweight! Being fat is officially the exact reason cardio vascular disease now sits at the top as the number one cause of death in Australia! Make no mistake, I consider this to be a form of suicide. Killing yourself slowly over the course of decades through dog shit dietary choices and non-existent exercise needs to fucking stop, and needs to stop now!

Being sick and fat is no badge of honor and needs to stop being treated as such. All I see is lazy, Ill disciplined wreaks that hide behind excuse after excuse as to why they look and feel like utter rubbish! Sitting around feeling sorry for yourself is going to do jack shit, so if you really want to do something about the situation you have created then listen up because these simple as fuck tips might just be the kick-start needed to pull your head in;

  1. DRINK FUCKING WATER I bet my left fucking nut that you are not drinking anywhere near enough water on a daily basis to come even close to being hydrated! Considering water makes up 83% of your blood, 75% of your muscles and 75% of your brain I would think it should be of the highest priority DAILY to ensure you drink a fuck load of water. Notice I said water! Not fucking soda, not beer, not iced coffee, FUCKING WATER!
  2. EAT MORE FIBER – The mere fact that you are lugging around more than ideal body fat would suggest that you are not exactly snacking on fruit and green salads? For starters, it will satiate you longer which will help divert you from those calorie dense refined alternatives. How many people do you know that sit there and eat 2 apples back to back compared to 2 donuts back to back? One medium-sized apple packs about 80-90 calories, while your filthy donuts are easily 200 plus EACH. You don’t need to be a fucking professor of mathematics to work out what the better option is!
  3.  GET MOVING – I’m not suggesting jumping out of bed and running a fucking marathon tomorrow, but a simple 20-30min brisk walk is certainly a way better option then laying there hitting the snooze button 8 fucking times! For those poor fuckers that are enslaved to a desk all day this is super important. That sore knee and sore back you use as the excuse not to move are the direct result of NOT moving enough! I fucking hate telling people to track their steps because it sounds fucking ridiculous, but, if you sit in an office all day aiming to achieve a bare minimum of 10,000 steps per day is a good place to start? At least there is something there to hold you accountable.

I can’t emphasize how basic this shit is, it’s crap that we learn in primary school physical education for fuck sake, yet it is mind-blowing the amount of people who can’t even muster up the discipline to incorporate this shit into their daily routine! I know we have fostered an environment where its hip and cool to love unicorns and accept everybody just the way they are, but that soft shit is not saving lives, it is only enabling the weak to go on suffering a miserable existence!

I’m here to help people, not make fucking friends. I like my own company so you are shit out of luck! Hate my guts for all I give a shit, just do what the fuck I am telling you to improve your situation!

So, my challenge to you if you fit this profile is to knuckle down on those 3 simple tips for the next 4 weeks starting TODAY not fucking tomorrow and start cementing some better habits in your life!

“The difference between fat and lean is choice, so start making better fucking choices”

~ Ash Yates

Nutrition Label Nightmare


Ever had anyone shove a packet in your face and ask “is this good for me?”. People standing in the supermarket isle fixated on the “nutrition” label has become a regular site in the past 5-10 years.

It’s great that people are genuinely concerned about what it is they are putting in their bodies, but in my opinion it is the biggest hoax of our lifetime! For a start you will never actually know what the fuck is in it anyway? There is something like 20-30 (don’t quote me) different compound names for sugar alone! If you take a step back and take a look at the big picture, the ONLY “food” that has a nutrition label on it ISN’T ACTUALLY FUCKING FOOD!

Last time I went to buy a bunch of bananas I don’t recall seeing a label on it? The last time I was at the organic butcher buying meat for the family I don’t recall seeing a label on it? You get the picture.

REAL food, the shit we are designed to eat, will never have a fucking label on it because it has NOT been altered by scumbags in a lab trying to kill us!

At the request of the powerful food industry those nerdy little food scientist fucks have been formulating all sorts of harmful compounds over the years to add to fake food to try to make it more palatable for human consumption!

When an item is shoved in my face to analyse its nutritional make up it is always followed by “Ash, is this good for me?”. My response is “compared to what?”, if you are comparing that packet of bite sized poison to eating a bit of your lounge room carpet well, then yeah, it probably is slightly better for you! If you are comparing it to an apple and a hand full of nuts and seeds well then FUCK NO it is not good for you!

Simply put, the best way to read a food label is to pick it up off the shelf, adopt a stance similar to that of a baseball pitcher, and proceed to throw that mother fucker as far as you possibly can! Trust me, you do not need that shit in your life.

If all you do is follow the very basic rule of only eat foods that don’t have a “food” label on it you are well on your way to better health. Be very skeptical of anyone trying to explain the label to you because clearly their brain has already been turned to a pile of  steaming hot shit from big industry propaganda.

Now, I am very aware that a lot of our “fresh” food is tainted by the use of commercial chemicals like pesticides/herbicides on fruits and vegetables and hormones and antibiotics in our meat. This is a real concern that needs to be addressed no doubt! But, compared to the toxic junk these fuckers are putting in fake food I am convinced that the “fresh” option is by far the lesser of two evils!

Of course, to avoid all of these problems the ideal approach is to shop organic where possible to avoid all chemicals, but I am a realist and understand that it can end up being more expensive going this route than the commercial alternatives.

Do what you can, where you can for your circumstances, and remember if a “good” option doesn’t exist at the time you are looking for something to eat well then don’t be scared to hold out until you find a better option! Its OK, the body can go a few hours without food, waiting a little bit longer, for something a little bet better, will serve you and your health very well.

Ash Yates