About me

Shit, Where do I begin?

Let’s keep it simple and too the point hey? I have done a fair bit in my 38 years on planet earth. Instead of boring the shit out of everyone with some drawn out dribble, let’s just dot point the significant stuff;

  • Was an absolute dog shit student at school (it was recommended I leave for everyone’s benefit).
  • Fairly average athlete growing up (Although I hate to admit it).
  • Join the Australian Army at 17 years of age (did some cool shit there for about 8 years).
  • Flew into Baghdad, Iraq to start working as a contractor in 2004.
  • Husband and Proud dad of 2
  • Qualified Fitness Coach. 
  • Flew into Afghanistan in 2010 for more work.
  • Have traveled far and wide for both work and pleasure.
  • Fascinated with the human body and how it works.
  • Fascinated with food and how it impacts health and well-being.
  • Love being active and, the great outdoors.
  • Want to see more of the world.
  • Have no filter, very direct (is what it is, it’s just how I am wired).
  • Very competitive and love to win.

Although I have done a lot and seen some cool stuff, the thing that excites me the most is what the next fucking 40 years has in stall for me!

I don’t live to the beat of anyone else’s drum, I have my own thoughts and views on things based on my experiences, good old intuition and common sense! The thing that grips me the most is the current state of human health, appalling! We as a species are failing miserably at looking after our bodies (over 2 BILLION worldwide considered overweight or obese!), and it doesn’t need to be that way! I have educated myself over the past 15 years, sinking my teeth into books, articles, journals, studies, and anything else I could find. The glaring problem I see is that we have created a state of confusion and apprehension through misinformation that has ultimately fostered an environment of “Paralysis by analysis”.

My content my not sit well with some because I am brutally honest. I am completely cool with that because I am not here to please anyone or seek anyone’s approval on what It is I believe in and know.

My super simple agenda is to provide you with my knowledge and experiences on a matter that may be of interest to you.

Ash Yates