Nutrition Label Nightmare


Ever had anyone shove a packet in your face and ask “is this good for me?”. People standing in the supermarket isle fixated on the “nutrition” label has become a regular site in the past 5-10 years.

It’s great that people are genuinely concerned about what it is they are putting in their bodies, but in my opinion it is the biggest hoax of our lifetime! For a start you will never actually know what the fuck is in it anyway? There is something like 20-30 (don’t quote me) different compound names for sugar alone! If you take a step back and take a look at the big picture, the ONLY “food” that has a nutrition label on it ISN’T ACTUALLY FUCKING FOOD!

Last time I went to buy a bunch of bananas I don’t recall seeing a label on it? The last time I was at the organic butcher buying meat for the family I don’t recall seeing a label on it? You get the picture.

REAL food, the shit we are designed to eat, will never have a fucking label on it because it has NOT been altered by scumbags in a lab trying to kill us!

At the request of the powerful food industry those nerdy little food scientist fucks have been formulating all sorts of harmful compounds over the years to add to fake food to try to make it more palatable for human consumption!

When an item is shoved in my face to analyse its nutritional make up it is always followed by “Ash, is this good for me?”. My response is “compared to what?”, if you are comparing that packet of bite sized poison to eating a bit of your lounge room carpet well, then yeah, it probably is slightly better for you! If you are comparing it to an apple and a hand full of nuts and seeds well then FUCK NO it is not good for you!

Simply put, the best way to read a food label is to pick it up off the shelf, adopt a stance similar to that of a baseball pitcher, and proceed to throw that mother fucker as far as you possibly can! Trust me, you do not need that shit in your life.

If all you do is follow the very basic rule of only eat foods that don’t have a “food” label on it you are well on your way to better health. Be very skeptical of anyone trying to explain the label to you because clearly their brain has already been turned to a pile of  steaming hot shit from big industry propaganda.

Now, I am very aware that a lot of our “fresh” food is tainted by the use of commercial chemicals like pesticides/herbicides on fruits and vegetables and hormones and antibiotics in our meat. This is a real concern that needs to be addressed no doubt! But, compared to the toxic junk these fuckers are putting in fake food I am convinced that the “fresh” option is by far the lesser of two evils!

Of course, to avoid all of these problems the ideal approach is to shop organic where possible to avoid all chemicals, but I am a realist and understand that it can end up being more expensive going this route than the commercial alternatives.

Do what you can, where you can for your circumstances, and remember if a “good” option doesn’t exist at the time you are looking for something to eat well then don’t be scared to hold out until you find a better option! Its OK, the body can go a few hours without food, waiting a little bit longer, for something a little bet better, will serve you and your health very well.

Ash Yates


Author: AshYates

Just a middle-aged fitness dude looking to help people navigate the treacherous "mind" field that is human health and fitness. I don't suffer fools too well and call a spade a spade. I want to eliminate the "fluff" and lies that are holding people back from achieving their goals!

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