To Sleep, Or Not To Sleep?


Living in the fast paced, constantly “plugged in” world we live in today, sleep quality and quantity seem to be the crucial human elements that have suffered the most!

Hearing wankers quote shit like “I will sleep when I’m dead” or “I haven’t got time to sleep”, is a clear indication to me that they have no comprehension what so ever of the power that some solid rack time elicits on the human body.

Those of you that are parents know all too well what a string of broken nights sleep does to your mental and physical state! Not getting sufficient amounts of deep Z’s throws many of the bodies systems into absolute mayhem! For it is during this “down time” that the body allocates resources and time to conduct vital cellular maintenance and repair.

Of course it is no fucking surprise then that there is a very close relationship between poor sleep patterns and issues such as body fat accumulation. Sure, there are other factors that can certainly contribute to the problem, but as I always tell people there are usually multiple elements to a problem, so addressing just one won’t fix it, but when you start to change a few things it can feel like you have a new lease on life.

For me personally, just one fucked night in the cot can have me completely fucked for a few days! In years gone by I would make the mistake of using synthetic sleeping tablets to try to rectify the problem, the issue with that is they create somewhat of a “false” sleep environment, where you may not be awake, but you certainly are not at rest like the body requires to get to work. They also have some bullshit side effects like feeling like utter dog shit the next day with hangover type symptoms.

I would strongly urge you to avoid any of the synthetic prescription drugs as much as possible, as an alternative I have found that a compound called melatonin has worked great for me when my body is still in another time zone and all fucked up from long haul international travel. It is naturally occurring in humans anyway, so it is not treated as a foreign substance by the body, which means little to no side effects. The bonus to this little bad boy is that it also posses very strong antioxidant capabilities meaning it helps fight free radical damage in the cells, nice little plus! The downside is it still requires a script in Australia and can be a little more expensive (about $80 for 100 capsules) than the other junk synthetic crap. FYI I use 3mg compounded capsules, stick to your guns when asking the Dr as I have no doubt they will try to push shit on you that see’s them get a nice little kick back from the fuck bag pharmaceutical companies.

To give my system the best opportunity to wind down from the days activities I also implement where possible a few other things;

  • Limit all blue light exposure at least 1hr before bed. This includes devices like mobile phone, Ipad and television.
  • Get the room as dark as I possibly can, I have been known to hang blankets over windows where there maybe a slight gap haha.
  • I once read that some geek in a lab had discovered the ideal room temperature for sleeping humans was 22 degrees celsius. I personally find a little cooler works better for me, but play around with it and find your sweet spot.
  • Because of my pea bladder I cease all fluid intake a couple of hours prior so I am not woken during the night busting for a piss.
  • Try and allow 3 hours between eating and bed time. By forcing the body into digestion mode while you sleep it is taking away from other more important aspects of the daily healing duties.

In the case of little humans interrupting your pleasant dreams, just keep it in the back of your mind that when they are lazy ass teenagers sleeping in everyday you get to repay the favor by waking them up each morning with a fucking air horn, CANNOT WAIT!

I guess the moral to this post is don’t ever underestimate, or take for granted the impact sleep has on your general health and well-being!

These are a few things that have worked for me over the years, if you have some kick ass things that have worked for you don’t be shy to post to comments so we can all benefit from it.

Ash Yates



Author: AshYates

Just a middle-aged fitness dude looking to help people navigate the treacherous "mind" field that is human health and fitness. I don't suffer fools too well and call a spade a spade. I want to eliminate the "fluff" and lies that are holding people back from achieving their goals!

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