My Gut Health Nearly Ruined Me!


Sitting around feeling lower than whale shit for no apparent reason plagued the fuck out of me for a good four to five years.

Rewind it a few years prior to that and you start to understand why I was on the verge of complete and utter insanity. For the most part of my late teens – early twenties I was upbeat, positive and full of beans. Then, completely out of the blue and for no apparent reason (at the time) I went to bed one night perfectly fine and woke up the following morning feeling like I wanted to throw myself off a fucking ten story building? What in the fuck had happened?

Being a young soldier at the time I certainly didn’t want to discuss my sudden, unexplained onset of doom and gloom with my mates. So, I did what every good soldier does and tried to bury it with copious amounts of booze. Obviously this wasn’t the answer, and my symptoms and mental state gradually got worse. At this point I sought advice from a doctor that recommended I jump straight on anti-depressants to help me bounce back. I was hesitant as fuck to try them, but due to his very confident guarantee that they would work I figured why the fuck not? Well fuck me, within a week I had slid deeper into a hole so I stopped taking them.

For the next couple of years I “soldiered on” trying to keep a positive exterior while I was struggling like a mother fucker on the inside. At the time the other huge symptom apart from the mental struggle was a constant aggravated and upset stomach. I had written this off as a result of battling the mental bullshit I was dealing with. It wasn’t until I was out of the army and working in a third world country where I contracted a stomach parasite that ended up bringing back the familiar feelings with a vengeance that I thought the gut may be playing a major role in all of this?

Being a nosy little bastard, and wanting to know the in’s and outs of everything, I started to delve into the literature on the Gut-Brain connection. You have no idea how fucking happy I was when I finally started to put all the pieces of the puzzle together. It turns out that your mental state has hell of A LOT to do with the health of your gut and immune system – I wasn’t going fucking crazy!

Some of the things that can contribute to a poor state of gut health leading to a condition known as ‘Leaky Gut Syndrome’ are;

  • Antibiotics (whilst deployed in the Army we were required to take a strong antibiotic DAILY for FOUR fucking months as an anti malarial measure)
  • Excessive alcohol consumption (say no more)
  • Processed/Fried foods (we lived on pizzas and other junk food)
  • Intestinal Parasites (no shit!)

I think it is safe to say that list pretty much sealed the deal for me!

Let’s keep in mind the fact that I had seen about four different doctors over the years trying to find answers, and not one of them had ever even mentioned the term leaky gut, let alone associated it with any of my symptoms?

Happy as fuck with my self diagnosis, I set about accumulating the knowledge I needed to rectify the state of my dog shit gut health and suppressed immune system. Firstly, I stopped all consumption of alcohol and soft drinks (soda), cut right back on simple carbs like bread, pasta, and all deep fried shit.

The following list is what I started taking on a daily basis;

  • High strength probiotics
  • Colostrum
  • St Johns Wort
  • Vitamin B complex
  • Vitamin C
  • Omega 3 fish oil

After about two months on this little cocktail as well as eating foods I knew would help the healing process I am happy to say that ALL of my symptoms pretty much disappeared and have not returned since (touch wood). I’m not sure if that means I am in the clear for good or not? But I will tell you right now I am very aware of making sure the state of my gut and immune system are high on my priorities!

I would like to emphasis the fact that I am NOT a Naturopath or Herbalist. I put this list together purely as a result of my own research. This was not a recommendation in any way, shape or form a professional. So please, if you feel you may have an issue similar to this seek the opinion and advice of a registered/Qualified professional.


Ash Yates



Author: AshYates

Just a middle-aged fitness dude looking to help people navigate the treacherous "mind" field that is human health and fitness. I don't suffer fools too well and call a spade a spade. I want to eliminate the "fluff" and lies that are holding people back from achieving their goals!

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